Using Antelope Software

Some information from the creators of Antelope - Boulder Real Time Tecnologies

What is it?

Antelope is a system of software modules that implement acquisition, transport, buffering, processing, archiving and distribution of environmental monitoring information. Antelope software modules are designed to run on both Sun Microsystems SPARC based workstations and on certain Intel based (386, 486, Pentium) PC computers. Regardless of the hardware architecture, Antelope uses the Sun Solaris v. 2.5 (or higher) operating system.
Both real time automated data processing and non-real time batch mode and interactive data processing are provided by Antelope. Also provided is an information system that holds all raw data as well as processing results and other information.

Is there a mailgroup?

The Antelope User's Group (AUG) is located at

How do I set up a demo?

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What is orbmonrtd?

Orbmonrtd is one of a suite of software programs known as ANTELOPE that has been developed by Boulder Real-Time Technologies (BRTT).Orbmonrtd is a program that continuously looks for new data packets in one or more input ORBs and then makes an animated trace plot of the data in an X-window. Also plotted are glyphs that represent detection, trigger, and arrival database rows. These are the long vertical lines perpendicular to the waveform traces. The different colors of the detection lines indicate the use of a different frequency pass band filter prior to the application of STA/LTA detectors. For instance, out default displays use green glyphs for detections based on a 0.8-3.0 bandpass filter (better for teleseismic events); light blue lines represent a 3.0 Hz filter detection (better for local events). When the number of detections exceeds our criteria for an event, an arrival flag is placed in the display. These are red flags with labels such as "P", "S", or "D". A "D" flag indicates a default phase, one that our association programs could not determine to be a "P" or "S".

I can't get orbmonrtd to work.

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How do I retrieve online earthquake bulletins?

Follow this link...

How do I retrieve waveforms?

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Where can I get more information?

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