Map of major faults in southern California (USA) and northern Baja California (Mexico) including the offshore strands

Reproduced from Grant & Rockwell (2002)

Faults are annotated with geologically measured slip rates where available. Major faults include the San Andreas Fault and zone (SAF and SAFZ), San Jacinto Fault zone (SJFZ), Elsinore Fault zone (EFZ), Whittier Fault (WF), Palos Verdes Fault (PVF), Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone (NIFZ), Rose Canyon Fault (RCF), Agua Blanca Fault zone (ABFZ), San Miguel Fault zone (SMFZ), Imperial Fault (IF), Cerro Prieto (CPF), and Laguna Salada Fault (LSF). Offshore faults include the Coronado Bank Fault zone (CBFZ), San Diego Trough Fault (SDTF), San Clemente Fault zone (SCFZ), Santa Cruz Island Fault (SCIF), and Santa Rosa Island Fault (SRIF). The San Gabriel Fault (SGF), San Cayetano Fault (SCF), Oak Ridge Fault (ORF), and Santa Ynez Fault (SYF) are located in the Transverse Ranges.

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Major faults in Southern California

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