Interactive map of recent earthquakes recorded by the Anza network

If you are looking for information on a specific event that occurred, such as the Mw 7.2 event in Baja California, we keep an archive of special events, or click the Special Events link in toolbar at the top of every page.

What does this page show?

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About this page


The interactive Google map on this page shows the most recent earthquakes recorded by the Anza seismic network. Active stations in the network are plotted as yellow triangles, with the station code underneath. Earthquakes are colored by age from present, and scaled by magnitude (see the legend on the right of the map layer). Clicking the earthquake icon on the map displays a window containing information on the specific event.

Color of events:


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The map makes extensive use of JavaScript. You must have this turned on in your web browser settings/preferences. This application has been tested (and works) on the following web browsers:

Note: This application will not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 due to that browsers non-compliance with web programming standards.

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