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Personnel at IGPP have been responsible for the collection and distribution of seismic data from several regional networks, small aperture arrays, and portable instrument deployments. We maintain local archives of all data collected and distribute the data through the IRIS-DMC.

Funding for the ANZA network is provided by Seismic Warning Systems (SWS). In addition, SWS will use HPWREN to provide communications coverage in neighboring Coachella Valley and Imperial County as part of their Regional Earthquake Warning System.

Detailed information and research results are available for all of the networks we currently operate, or have installed in the past.


Latest waveforms from the ANZA network

The following image reflects the latest real-time data collected by the ANZA network in Southern California. View an interactive map of recent earthquakes in Southern California. Time is in UTC. What does this image show?

ANZA Waveforms 1 hour display for vertical channels

[Last updated: 2018-03-21 (080) 17:24:03 UTC]