Magnitude 4.3 quake near the California-Mexico border

Last updated: 2018-03-26 17:50:55 UTC

Global view of quake


The Anza group at the University of California San Diego operates a broadband seismograph network consisting of 13 (+ 2) three component broadband seismograph stations centered near Anza Californa.

On Thursday, Feb. 18th at approximately 7:03 PST we recorded a moderate quake (ml 4.3) located near the California-Mexico border. 14 minutes later we recorded an aftershock with a calculated magnitde = 3.5. Preliminary source parameters are shown below.

Red star is the estimated epicenter, yellow triangles are Anza stations.

Event Map

Event map

Event parameters

Latitude Longitude Depth Origin Time ml
32.6477 -116.2108 13.8452 2/19/1999 (049) 03:08:32.427 4.23
32.6526 -116.1889 12.7458 2/19/1999 (049) 03:22:38.323 3.49

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