Seismic data for the following regional networks, arrays, and portable deployments have been collected and analyzed by our group at IGPP. Select one of the following to get more information about each expermient.

Network Network Name FDSN Network Code Duration (YYYY-MM) Data Avail.
ABH ANZA Borehole Experiment XF 1987-07 to 1989-04, 1991-11 to 1992-05 Y
ANZA ANZA Realtime Broadband Array AZ 1982-10 to present Y
BAJA North Baja Transect XY 1997-10 to 1998-06 Y
PASSCAL telemetred San Jacinto Fault Zone YN 1999-01 to 1999-03 Y
Lodore Broadband Array XT 1997-06 to 1998-07 Y
Kimberley Broadband Array YB 1998-11 to 1999-06 Y
Montana Broadband Array XS 1999-08 to 2000-05 Y
Laramie Broadband Array XF 2000-07 to 2001-05 Y
Parkfield Telemetered Array (PASO–1) XN 2000-10 to 2001-12 Y
Parkfield Telemetered Array (PASO–3) XN 2004-10 to 2006-11 Y
Venezuela Telemetered Array XT 2003-12 to 2005-06 Y
CLC UC/CLC Campus Earthquake Project AZ/CI 1996-03 to 2000-04 Y
KNET Kyrgyz Broadband Network KN 1991 to 2002 Y
MARS LOOKING MBARI Instrument Test 4E 2010-04 to 2011-10 Y
PENINSULAR Peninsular Range Transect XF 1994-03 to 1994-09 Y
Portable Aftershock Studies Joshua Tree Aftershock Data XA 1992-04 to 1992-06 Y
Landers Aftershock Data XB 1992-06 to 1992-08 Y
Northridge Aftershock Data XA 1994-01 to 1994-03 Y
SAA1 Pinon Flat High Freq. Small Aperture Array XA 1990-04 to 1990-05 Y
SAA2 Pinon Flat Broadband Small Aperture Array XA 1991-02 to 1991-03 Y
SAA3 Geyokcha Seismic Array (Turkmenistan) GY 1993-09 to 1994-08 Y
SAUDI Saudi Arabian Broadband Array XI 1995-11 to 1997-02 Y
SJFZ San Jacinto Fault Zone YN 2010-07 to present Y
Tien Shan Tien Shan XW 1999-04 to 2001-12 Y
WYOMING Black Thunder Mine, Portable Deployment YB 1996-07 to 1997-08 Y
Network Network Name FDSN Network Code Duration (YYYY-MM) Data Avail.