Recent Landers earthquake and aftershocks

Last updated: 2018-03-26 17:50:55 UTC

The Anza group at the University of California San Diego operates a broadband seismograph network consisting of 13 (+ 2) three component broadband seismograph stations centered near Anza Californa (see map).

On Thursday, May. 13th at approximately 00:54 PST we recorded a moderate quake (ml 5.0) located approximately 15 miles NNE of Palm Springs. We have been recording numerous aftershocks (over 85 at last count) with magnitudes ranging from 1.5-4.0(ml). Preliminary source parameters are shown below.

Latitude Longitude Origin time Depth ml Author
34.0600 -116.3700 5/14/1999 (134) 07:54:03.000 0.10000 5.00 QED
34.0655 -116.3585 5/14/1999 (134) 07:54:02.514 11.2902 4.92 UCSD

We have made available, helicorder style plots showing a single component (vertical or E-W or N-S) for each station [not available yet]. You may view a plot showing

Learn more about the Anza group (including who works here, other networks, nuclear tests in China/India/Pakistan).
Learn more about the ANZA network (includes more station information, research, etc).

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