Magnitude 7.1 quake near Duzce, Turkey

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At approximately 16:57GMT, November 12th, 1999 Turkey experienced a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. This is not an aftershock for the August 17th earthquake. Preliminary source parameters are shown below.

Latitude Longitude Origin time Depth Mw Author
40.56 31.29 11/12/1999 (316) 16:57:20.000 15.00 7.1 CMT
40.790 31.11000 11/12/1999 (316) 16:57:20.000 10.000 7.20 QED

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Dist is the distance in degrees from the array to the event. There are approximately 111km/deg. Seaz is the 'station to event azimuth': an angular distance measurement in degrees from the station to the earthquake.

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The first 12 hours of data recorded at station AAK show that after the mainshock there were few aftershocks recorded by KNET. This is not unexpected because of the distance (32.2 deg) from the array to the source.

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