Magnitude 2.9 quake near Brawley, Salton Sea, California

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You may not have felt it but we recorded it...

The Anza group at the University of California San Diego operates a broadband seismograph network consisting of 13 (+ 2) three component broadband seismograph stations centered near Anza Californa (see map).

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On Wednesday June 14th, 2000 at approximately 12:00 PST we recorded a quake (preliminary ml 4.0-4.3) located to the SSE of the town of Brawley. 10 minutes later we recorded an aftershock with a preliminary magnitde = 2.9.

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Initial source parameters are shown below. The closest station to this event, SMTC is approximately 37 km away from the source.

This map shows the mainshock (red star), aftershocks (analyst reviewed = white squares, unreviewed = star outlines), Anza network stations are yellow triangles. Background seismicity is plotted in light blue dots. Mapped faults are thin red lines.

Latitude Longitude Origin time Depth ml
32.9486 -115.3988 6/14/2000 (166) 19:00:17.493 12.2965 4.35
32.9089 -115.6256 6/14/2000 (166) 19:10:27.686 5.0 2.89

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