Space Shuttle Atlantis reentry causes sonic boom in Southern California

Last updated: 2018-03-26 (84) 17:50:57 UTC

Global view of quake


The Anza group at the University of California San Diego operates a broadband seismograph network consisting of 17 three component broadband seismograph stations centered near Anza, California (see map).

On Friday June 22 2007 at 11:43 AM (PDT) we recorded the sonic boom produced when the space shuttle Atlantis entered Earth's atmosphere. Atlantis landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California because of bad weather in Florida.

View the most recent map of local events near San Diego or a slightly wider regional view of events recorded by ANZA, or a map of events recorded by ANZA from around the globe.

Event Map

This map overlays the shuttle's flight path over a map of the Anza stations in Southern California.
Anza network stations are yellow triangles, CalTech network stations are blue triangles, and ANF network stations are red triangles. The shuttle's path is the blue line extending north from the bottom on the map.

Global mecator event map

To view waveform images from each station, click on the yellow station triangle.

You may also view a plot showing

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