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Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake: Southwestern Pakistan


The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

On Tue Feb 7th 2017 22:03:56 (UTC) the seismic network recorded an earthquake (preliminary 6.3 mww) located in Southwestern Pakistan. Seismic region Western Asia.

The epicentral distance (i.e. distance separating the location to the epicenter) to the closest station CSLB in the network is 13,468.5 km.

If you felt the quake, the USGS would like to know. Please add your comments to the USGS page "Did you feel it?".


Time:Tue Feb 7th 2017 22:03:56 (UTC)
Magnitude:6.3 mww
Depth:25.9 km

Proximity to Population Centers

Event and active stations

The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

Seismic waveforms for closest station

Closest station with identified signal. 0.8 to 3 Hz bandpass Butterworth filter has been applied to data.

Seismic waveforms for vertical channels in network

Subset of several stations close to the event. 0.8 to 3 Hz bandpass Butterworth filter has been applied to data.

Signal description at some stations

STA_CHANS-E DeltaS-E AzimuthPhase TimeSignal/NoiseTime ResidualV. ModelAutharid
KNW_HHZ121.069°0.02°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.357 UTC-11.716iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337351
RRSP_HHZ121.132°359.99°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.5807 UTC-11.816iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337352
RDM_HHZ121.153°359.87°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.4479 UTC-11.641iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337354
PFO_HHZ121.171°0.28°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:49.0377 UTC-12.196iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337357
WMC_HHZ121.21°0.06°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.9726 UTC-12.055iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337364
TFRD_HHZ121.289°0.13°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.3935 UTC-11.321iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337369
FRD_HHZ121.289°0.13°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.3937 UTC-11.321iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337368
JORD_HHZ121.311°0.09°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.8189 UTC-11.702iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337367
TR03_HHZ121.373°0.32°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:48.6247 UTC-11.385iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337371
LVA2_HHZ121.432°0.18°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:49.5698 UTC-12.215iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337374
MONP2_HHZ121.891°0.33°PKiKP2017-02-07 22:22:50.3075 UTC-12.049iasp91dbp:jtytell:1701337376

External resources

Current seismic activity measured by the seismic network

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