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Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake: Southern California


The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

On Sat Apr 4th 2020 01:53:18 (UTC) the seismic network recorded an earthquake (preliminary 4.85 ml) located in Southern California. Seismic region California - Nevada Region.

The epicentral distance (i.e. distance separating the location to the epicenter) to the closest station ALCY in the network is 2.1 km.

If you felt the quake, the USGS would like to know. Please add your comments to the USGS page "Did you feel it?".


Time:Sat Apr 4th 2020 01:53:18 (UTC)
Magnitude:4.85 ml
Depth:13.2 km

Proximity to Population Centers

Event and active stations

The red marker denotes the earthquake epicenter.

Seismic waveforms for closest station

Closest station with identified signal. Not filtered.

Seismic waveforms for vertical channels in network

Subset of several stations close to the event. Not filtered.

Signal description at some stations

STA_CHANS-E DeltaS-E AzimuthPhase TimeSignal/NoiseTime ResidualV. ModelAutharid
SETM_HNZ0.061°99.12°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.3723 UTC-10.027iasp91dbp:rt:200952230766
TRAN_HNZ0.078°86.62°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.5515 UTC-10.079iasp91dbp:rt:200952230767
SGBF_HNZ0.094°112.93°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.7374 UTC-10.102iasp91dbp:rt:200952230768
BPH12_HHZ0.109°193.24°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.8282 UTC-10.108iasp91dbp:rt:200952230682
BPH11_HHZ0.11°196.68°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.8683 UTC-10.118iasp91dbp:rt:200952230681
BPH09_HHZ0.115°192.48°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.9365 UTC-10.119iasp91dbp:rt:200952230694
BPH10_HHZ0.117°195.65°P2020-04-04 01:53:21.9784 UTC-10.14iasp91dbp:rt:200952230693
SMER_HHZ0.57°85.55°P2020-04-04 01:53:29.2984 UTC7004.7-0.287iasp91anza2230674
CPE_HHZ0.799°39.95°P2020-04-04 01:53:33.1584 UTC4800.2-0.742iasp91anza2230677
MTRP_HNZ0.829°34.77°P2020-04-04 01:53:33.63 UTC125.8-0.822iasp91anza2230675
SIO5_HHZ0.916°43.76°P2020-04-04 01:53:35.3931 UTC150.74-0.642iasp91anza2230676

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