China earthquakes and nuclear tests

Figure 1: Geo-political map of China. Major cities marked as red dots.

Introduction: Earthquakes in China

China has experienced several high magnitude earthquakes in recorded history. The following list illustrates those over magnitude 8 (Richter Scale, R.S).

Click on the links below to observe earthquake records by region*:

* – Information is from the Chinese State Seismological Bureau (in Chinese) and is for reference only. Last updated: 2009-10-22 00:10 UTC

Nuclear Testing

China has conducted all of its nuclear weapons tests at Lop Nur, and to date has tested a total of 45 nuclear weapons. 23 of these were atmospheric and 22 were underground. Their sizes range in yield from ~1 kiloton to ~4 megatons. China's most recent test was conducted on July 29, 1996 with a yield of ~1 to 5 kilotons.

Waveform images of the most recent Chinese nuclear tests as recorded by the KNET seismic array

The KNET seismic array has recorded several earthquakes in China since its installation. The following event (nuclear test?) has it's own own dedicated web page:

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