Recent eathquakes recorded by the Anza network

Google map showing recent earthquakes located in Southern Californa by the Anza seismic network Map of recent earthquakes in Southern California as recorded by the Anza seismic network
Dynamically load/unload quaternary active faults in the region and see how their distribution relates to earthquake location.

Webdlmon – Real-time Data Logger Monitor

Datalogger state of heath monitor Real-time ANZA & SJFZ stations; includes state-of-health plots

Deployment map

Map showing station location and status ANZA deployment page

Realtime Trace Displays

A modern replacement to helicorder/drum style plotting of waveform traces.

Seismic traces updated in real-time Real-time ANZA, PY, & SJFZ trace waveform data

Anza network (AZ)

SJFZ network (YN)

PFO Broadband Array Post Holes (PY)

Anza Contributed


Geisel Library Monitoring

Shake Table


Data products

Data return rates

Graph of data return peformance Interactive data return rates for each operational network

Dataless SEED (metadata) Download

Download dataless SEED volumes for the Anza deployment

Event Download

(OFFLINE - workaround may be coming soon. --J.Eakins 7/22/2020) An online query tool for searching the ANZA event database. You can specify lat, lon, time range and magnitude.
Currently only available for events from June 2005 to present.