Anza (AZ) Waveforms 24 Hours Display For Vertical Strong Motion Channels

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The image below is a snapshot of the last 24 hours of data the network has received from requested stations. The page is auto-refreshed every 150 seconds to reflect the latest data recorded. Waveform data is yellow, orange, green or white with a dark blue background. A light blue or black background represents zero data. The most recent data is on the right-hand side, with the edge of the right-hand side of the image being the current time. Time is shown at the bottom of the image in the format YYYYJJJ:hh:mm:ss, where YYYY is the year, JJJ is the Julian Date, hh is the hour (24 hour), mm is the minute, and ss is the second.

The station code (on the left-hand side) is in the format NN_STA_CHA where NN is the network (in this case AZ for ANZA), STA is the station code, and CHA is the channel code used to identify a particular data stream from the station (e.g. HHZ is a broadband, High sample rate, High gain, Vertical component data stream).