Analysis of Data Recorded on the ANZA Seismic Network

A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Earth Sciences

by Frank L. Vernon III

Committee in charge:

© University of California, San Diego, 1989

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The completion of this thesis is the result of a tremendous amount of support and effort made by many colleagues, fellow graduate students, and friends. It is not possible to properly acknowledge the contributions of each individual towards this final product, and in recognizing this I ask the forgiveness and understanding of those who are not mentioned by name.

The design, the installation, and operation of the ANZA seismic network, required the expertise of many different people. The pri- mary cast of characters on the ANZA project included Larry Baker, Joe Fletcher, Linda Haar, and Tom Hanks from the USGS, and James Batti, Jon Berger, Jim Brune, and Jennifer Scott from IGPP. The data logging equipment was designed and built by the people at Refraction Technology, particularly Paul Passmore, Bill Witkowski, and Charles Garcera. They were very responsive to suggestions for improving various sections of the telemetry sys- tem. Equally important to the success of this project is the generosity of the landowners at each site for giving us a place to operate our equipment. The ANZA project has benefited from the services of Mert Ingram, who helped design and build seismometer and antenna mounts for the stations, and Gary VanCouver- ing, who spent many hot summer days pouring concrete, digging trenches, and installing cabling at every site. Of singular importance are

Any project of this magnitude can not exist without the unsung heroes who can find a way to make things work within a bureaucracy. During my graduate student career I have been under the wings of five masters: Kate Harps, Shelley Marquez, and Susie Mueller at IGPP, Betty Stover in the Scripps Graduate office, and Patty Cuneo at the USGS. Elaine Blackmore, Don Betts (computer graphics repairman), and Kate Harps guided me through the thesis preparation gauntlet.

I would like to thank the members of my committee for giving me guidance when needed, and the freedom to explore and develop new ideas. I have benefited from many stimulating discussions with Duncan Agnew, Alan Chave, Craig Lindberg, and Jeff Park. Parts of the data analysis required hypocentral locations and arrival times recorded on the southern California seismic network, which were generously provided by Lucy Jones from the Pasadena office of the USGS.

Finally, I want to thank my parents. They have blessed me with their love and support and have stimulated my interests in science and in life.


April 6, 1954 -- Born -- Pasadena, California

1989 - PhD, University of California, San Diego.
1980 - Staff Research Associate, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, SIO.
1977-1980 Development Technician, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, SIO.
1976-1977 Laboratory Assistant, Physics Department, University of California at San Diego.
Summer 1976 Geophysicist, Shell Oil Company, Houston, Texas.
Summer 1975 Geophysicist Shell Oil Company, Houston, Texas.
Summer 1974 Field Geophysicist, Shell Oil Company, Gaylord, Michigan.
Summer 1973 Science Aide, U.S. Geological Survey, Los Angeles, California.


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